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AboutLet us build a better world today

New money. New economy. New world.

TREEEC WORLD PROJECT means a new economy and a new world based on real values and on cooperation, trust and fairness. Financial and economic crisis made by unbridled speculation and interest-driven politics must have an end.

With TREEEC MONEY and connected advanced blockchain solutions we give finance and economy a solid basis. Even more we want to change economic thinking and transform Capitalism into the value based Valorism.

TREEEC is consequently oriented to support its members and partners in achieving their personal, economic and financial goals. Nevertheless we believe that we have a responsibility to care for the communities, where we live and that help us flourish.

TREEEC is a privately held supranational economic and financial system and an organization of a special kind with co-operative structures and a foundation in the background.

The new and best ever money

TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is alternative value backed sovereign money on an advanced blockchain basis. It is the next level of crypto money and alternative currencies.

Neither FIAT-Money nor conventional crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Altcoins have any real value. TRM has real value and can be exchanged into value based (co-operative) shares or conventional money at any time. Every unit of TRM belongs to a share with the same registration number.

TRM is money without interest. And the only functioning crypto currency, which can be used in cases of crisis and catastrophies or in remoter regions without the internet.

The exciting platform for payments, exchange and smarter contracts

T:XCHANGE will be our own platform for transfers and payments, exchange of TRM into other currencies, for supporting conclusion and settlements of business and smart contracts in an easy way and for further solutions.

Added to that members and partners will not only have a wallet, but an as dynamic as secure account for their money, for the administration of their smart contracts and for additional applications as for example the management of their personal safety and security in cases of crisis and catastrophies.

Structured as a hierarchic peer-to-peer network with Trust Houses for registration and documentation it gets its superior quality by additional Data Citadels for super-verification and fail-safe performance in any case.

Remarkable new ways for sustainable and better business

TREEEC makes it possible to do business all over the world with countries in every stage of development with or without a functioning currency. We and our partners are able to invest in regions and companies of any kind with or without available FIAT-money.

With our method of the smart Comitation Contracts we developed a convincing tool for our partners to make regional, national and international businesses without the need of bank loans and export insurances and without the danger of bad dept losses.

Nevertheless TREEEC is not a money machine and not a money watering can, but a fair partner for people and companies willing and able to do a good job and to built up serious business. So a sustainable economy can grow and economic imbalances will be balanced.

Financing and realizing convincing projects with TREEEC MONEY

The integrated presentation platform ICONATOR.ORG provides access to project-related ICOs, which are realized with the help of TREEEC and are linked to TREEEC MONEY and its special features. With dedicated" TREEEC MONEY each individual unit can be assigned to a selected project and members can directly participate in it.

With our Areas of Competence and our own flagship projects, we set the broad framework within which integration can take place. Our demands on our own projects correspond to the selection criteria that we set for projects from outside. They should be innovative, but also practical and economical. Only in this way even visionary ideas can be enforced successfully in the long term.

We invite other project initiators to connect and collaborate on their projects with TREEEC. We will present these as well as our flagship projects via ICONATOR.ORG.

Together with our members and partners

TREEEC is open for everybody, but at the same time a closed shop for its members and partners. We will consequently help and support them, but we vice versa need their support and engagement, too. So by bying a token for the membership and coins for TREEEC MONEY (TRM) will bring us further, together.

There are three categories of members and partners. The Supporters are private members using TREEEC MONEY (TRM) and participating from the projects and solutions TREEEC is developing for them. Business Partners want to make easier and better business. Active Partners become part of the organisational structure of TREEEC.

We are ready to start – together with you.

Leunaer 7, 12681 Berlin, Germany

Tel.:+49 (0)30 34 046 – 100