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The Supporting MembersFriends, supporters, and beneficiaries of TREEEC

The Supporting Members are individuals who support TREEEC. They are not entrepreneurial but have business interests and want to contribute to the success of TREEEC and the visionary idea. Supporting TREEEC also means having multiple personal benefits.

Benefit from the new and better money

Only members can use TREEEC MONEY (TRM). That alone is already worth becoming a member. TREEEC’s valuable new money will quickly become the leading alternative cryptocurrency accepted worldwide. Unlike FIAT money, it is not permanently depreciated but remains stable. This gives you more and more US-Dollars or Euros over time for TREEEC MONEY (TRM).

With dedicated TREEEC MONEY it is possible to participate in important projects for one’s own use and benefit. So, a meaningful support becomes profitable, too.

In the case of a breakdown of the infrastructure and of disasters, it is superior to all other money, even FIAT money, and the only usable virtual money. Even cash will not have the value and will not be sufficiently available.

Benefit from the services provided by TREEEC and its project areas

TREEEC develops and integrates projects to benefit its members. Anyone who is a member can benefit from the exemplary services provided by RES:Q for personal safety, health, protection, help, and rescue for themselves and their relatives. Also included are benefits such as risk-minimised flight and travel bookings or help and care in emergencies and disasters.

What is common for members in richer countries, is an opportunity and a better future for those in countries and regions that are remote from the rest of the world. TREEEC comes into all the regions, and who now helps others in such disadvantaged regions through his membership and the purchase of Tokens, helps himself for his own future.

Members have their foot in the door and can always be active within TREEEC. But also, as an employee of a Business Partner or in one of the many project areas, because dedicated people are needed at all levels, you can secure and shape your future.

Benefit from the community of TREEEC

The members of TREEEC form a solidarity community in which mutual help and support are not foreign concepts. When you meet other members of TREEEC, they are no strangers to you, but people you have a lot in common with. Everywhere you go will be other members, so you will not be left alone anywhere.

For the members of the Community of TREEEC services are provided, which are only possible through the cooperative structure. The key difference to companies where you are only a customer is that the members are co-owners of TREEEC.

The responsibility of TREEEC and how you can help as a member

TREEEC sees itself as responsible for its members and this world in which we all live. This responsibility also means that TREEEC not only wants to boost economic development – with new money and changing our economic system and our world for the better – but will also provide practical help wherever and whenever it becomes necessary.

Participation is always worthwhile

For some, only using and profiting from TREEEC MONEY (TRM), the new currency developed by TREEEC, will feel like enough. But most will also want to take advantage of the many other steadily growing opportunities that TREEEC and the TREEEC community will provide.

Supporting Members are members in accordance with § 4 (3) of the Statute of TREEEC. With the acquisition of two tokens the admission fee and the compulsory cooperative share are paid for, which awards the right to a membership. Annual fees for membership are not charged. As a member, you have the right to acquire and use TREEEC MONEY (TRM) and to use the related member-only services under the applicable terms and conditions.

Leunaer 7, 12681 Berlin, Germany

Tel.:+49 (0)30 34 046 – 100