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Get involved and commitBecause it is high time for TREEEC and TREEEC MONEY

We go unusual ways. We are guided by ideas and visions that we want to make reality with a practical plan and clear steps in the process. Together with TREEEC, we want to write our very own success story, and each one of us his own. We have to do what has to be done. Because this vision has to become a reality if we want to give everyone and our world a chance for the future. It is high time for it.

Comparable to the construction of a city

TREEEC can be compared to the project of the construction of a new city. The basic plans and the facilities necessary for its most essential functions are created and provided centrally. But every partner who lives in this city can create his own buildings and facilities, in accordance with certain rules, as he pleases and considers it right. Of course, this will influence the city. On the other hand, this city cannot be allowed to turn rigid and static, but must, on the contrary, always respond to changing conditions.

Self-initiative is desired

To make this possible in the cooperation of all and not just from the top down, everyone can and should participate creatively with suggestions and own initiatives. New, ongoing, and, indeed, corrective ideas are solicited, and everyone’s initiative is desired explicitly. TREEEC does not claim to be perfect and unchangeable right from the start. That’s not what it should be, because otherwise it would not be able to react to developments, changes, and the needs of more and more members and partners. The basic idea and structure is given and maintained. The direction to reach the goal is shown, the route can be individually determined within it.

Connect via the Internet

Many imaginative and proactive people participate actively in social communities and projects via the Internet. They communicate and construct, they create new connections, and open up new paths. Why not get involved with TREEEC and promote the idea and TREEEC MONEY? It is easy to connect via the Internet. TREEEC is a world of ideas made real and worthwhile to participate in. TREEEC seeks to bring together the energy, creative power, and courage of many good people who together build something good, new, enduring, and great.

Therefore, take part, support TREEEC, and participate.

Leunaer 7, 12681 Berlin, Germany

Tel.:+49 (0)30 34 046 – 100