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TREEEC. New money. New economy. New worldTREEEC MONEY (TRM) is creating a new economy and a better world

TREEEC is a simple and ingenious money and economic system beyond country and currency borders. TREEEC MONEY (TRM), the new money from TREEEC, is valuable, stable and comes without interest. TREEEC is the model of a new and better financial and economic order.

TREEEC was created by humans and for humans. That’s why we’re inviting people around the world to support, help build, and benefit from TREEEC and the new TREEEC MONEY (TRM).

In addition, companies of all sizes in industrialized, emerging, and developing countries should be connected through TREEEC in a fair and sustainable partnership. Making business easier and safer, making financing simpler and cheaper, and making businesses more successful. To the advantage of all.

Exemplary innovative projects make the TREEEC-affiliated companies more valuable and profitable, promoting and connecting regions and countries, protecting and conserving the environment and resources, and increasing the benefits and personal security for each individual.

Based on trust, responsibility, endurance, equivalency, fair exchange, and cooperation not only a new economy, but a new world is built. Better, more liveable and safer for everyone. TREEEC is a visionary and long overdue idea for which the time has come.

We’re not talking about any business project here. We are talking about a new dimension of economic thinking. We’re talking about TREEEC WORLD PROJECT and a new business world. To achieve great goals, however, a powerful organization is needed, in which many interact proactively and cooperatively and succeed. Therefore, support TREEEC and take part.

The success of friends and partners is the success of TREEEC

TREEEC is much more than just an idea, namely a private, transnational economic and financial system, and an economic organisation of a special kind. Built on performance, return, and fair partnership. TREEEC is committed to helping its members and partners achieve their economic goals. Companies of all sizes, from very small to very large, have their place at TREEEC, as well as every private individual. The success of the friends and partners is the success of TREEEC, which aims to grow and become a global player, that transforms the business world for the better.

Putting the global economy on a new solid base

The balance between developed, emerging, and developing countries should be established, and imbalances between economic regions should be levelled. Above all, for the members and partners of TREEEC in these countries and regions. Financial and economic crises triggered by speculation and interest policies are to be prevented in the future. TREEEC wants to put the global economy on a new solid base with innovative and creative methods.

Balance the imbalances

The world economy is an imperfect construct with many imbalances that are getting bigger instead of smaller. Nestled in national and partial interests, it is a battlefield where the strong become stronger and the weak weaker and weaker. But the strong have become vulnerable. New financial crises and even a global collapse of financial markets and the global economy are possible at any time. When the strong fall, the weak will become even poorer and suffer even more. But whether that really ends up happening or not is irrelevant. The imbalances must be levelled if our world is not to sink into chaos.

Reshaping the economic world

The strong do not have to be weakened, certainly not, but the weak must be strengthened and able to develop into balanced partners. With TREEEC, we therefore want to bring a visionary new economic system to a breakthrough. As a model of how to make the entire economy better. With TREEEC we are providing a viable vision and a real solution against the global collapse of the financial markets and the uncertainty and the imbalances of the global economy.

Consistent in enforcement

TREEEC is consistent in the enforcement and by no means only with the peace dove in hand, but arguing and fighting for a new economy and against extremism, abuse of power, and excessive corruption. With all insistence. This is not just a full-bodied declaration, but an essential task area we invest a lot of energy in. So that we can not only support our friends and partners, but also protect them.

Economic thinking required

TREEEC also does not at all come as an initiative built on donations. But on the contrary. Economical thinking and profitable structures are even required in the projects with which TREEEC seeks to improve seemingly inefficient areas, such as infrastructure, including health and education. Together with its partners for the region and the country. Therefore, TREEEC is essentially structured as an economic organisation, involving all members and partners.

The signpost exists

The guide to what and how it can and should be done is the man who invented TREEEC and equipped it with many innovations, Tai Kriegeskotte. He is supported by a team that is convinced of TREEEC and wants to put it into practice. In a series of essays, Tai gives insight into his thinking and ideas, and everyone can read in his blog what he has to say about current topics and fundamental questions.

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