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TREEEC MONEY is different – and betterAbout our technical approach and the differences to Bitcoin and classic blockchains

People often use the term blockchain to mean different things. Either they talk about the Bitcoin Blockchain or the Ethereum Blockchain, sometimes they mean other virtual currencies or digital tokens and coins, sometimes smart contracts. A blockchain by itself is just a data structure. That is, how data is logically put together and stored. A blockchain is, roughly speaking, competing most closely with a database broadcasted across a network to its peers, ensuring that all peers have the same data in their databases.

It is useful to understand blockchains in the context of Bitcoin, but not all blockchain ecosystems need bitcoin mechanisms. Bitcoin is the first attempt and a signpost for the blockchain technology. Ethereum is, with smart contracts, the next iteration of a blockchain. We at TREEEC have the approach to use a blockchain adapted to our needs and connected with our solutions for easier and safer handling and transactions and for more security of our members and partners.

The private blockchain of TREEEC

TREEEC is a private blockchain system, using our own, adapted, and advanced blockchain and our own data replicating peer-to-peer system for higher security and availability of TREEEC MONEY and connected solutions in any case. A private blockchain network is where the participants are known and trusted: they are registered members and partners of TREEEC.

Many of the mechanisms of a blockchain like Bitcoin aren’t needed or they are replaced with other easier to use solutions. This changes the technical decisions of how the blockchain is built and which bricks are used. For our purposes peer-to-peer networks, too, are more advantageous, as they are robust and there is no central server that can be controlled or will crash the whole system in case of failure. Peer-to-peer networks are harder to knock down and more resistant.

TREEEC has a further approach

At TREEEC, we have a look at the entirety of things and solutions to avoid serious disadvantages and weaknesses of the classic blockchain, and to improve functionality and effectiveness significantly. However, our approach was not to build an anonymous decentralized system, but to use the decentralization for security and, in particular, for the reliability and thus the functionality and usability of TREEEC MONEY as a crypto-based virtual money worldwide, even if the internet is, for one reason or another, inaccessible. In contrast to all other crypto currencies, TREEEC MONEY additionally enables the coupling of Smart Contracts with the individual monetary units.

As mentioned in the beginning, not all blockchain ecosystems need to have the same mechanisms as Bitcoin, especially if participants can be identified and, as with TREEEC, a basis of trust exists. But for better understanding let’s take a closer look at the differences and advantages of TREEEC MONEY compared to Bitcoin.

The diversified peer-to-peer system from TREEEC

At Bitcoin, every high-quality Bitcoin network customer stores the entire transaction history. In a money system like TREEEC, which should be able to handle millions of transactions per second, that would lead to an unjustifiable slowdown making it impractical. Nevertheless – and that distinguishes TREEEC MONEY from FIAT-Money and other alternative money – all transactions and protocol building blocks are stored as forgery-proof blockchains. For this we have further developed the classic blockchain and adapted it for practical use at TREEEC.

The storage of our blockchain happens in the hierarchical and parallel overlapping peer-to-peer system of TREEEC implementing a division of concerns. The peer-to-peer system consisting of the TRUST HOUSES registers the data defined as hard protocol modules of the monetary unit itself plus the data of the current transaction and the current authorized owner as a shortened determined blockchain.

The parallel-overlapping peer-to-peer system, consisting of DATA CITADELS, permanently registers and updates the complete blockchain of every single unit of TREEEC MONEY – and connected Smart Contracts in full – as well as the determination codes, and manages the release codes for each transaction. To increase the computing power, in contrast to a classic peer-to-peer system, at this level a ternary clustering, i.e. the division of labour between all three DATA CITADELS, is scheduled. Overall, this will enable synergies that significantly increase the efficiency of the system.

But there is also a third level of registration by small, clustered registration computers, which work like a kind of buffer memory and can also give provisional transaction releases to a fixed limited amount of TREEEC MONEY. This is important at places, where no or only weak data transfer options with low capacity exist – and for example in cases of massive crisis and catastrophes.

Just realize that the Bitcoin network is only able to handle a maximum of 7 transactions per second for the millions of users worldwide. In addition, Bitcoin block chain transactions are recorded only once every 10 minutes. That’s another reason why Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies are no real competitors for functional money like TREEEC MONEY.

TREEEC MONEY and connected Smart Contracts

Moreover, the units of TREEEC MONEY are ready to be used as carriers of Smart Contracts for real economic transactions such as the complex Comitation Business. The data of these contracts will also be fully registered as a blockchain by the DATA CITADELS, while the isolated contract components between each two of several contracting parties are registered and administered as determined by the TRUST HOUSES. The contract processing steps are verified by the DATA CITADELS in correspondence with the TRUST HOUSES.

Figuratively, a superordinate stored image (the complete Smart Contract) is resolved into individual puzzle pieces, and only the required individual image cutouts (the singularized contract components) are used for an individual transaction. Reassembled, the parts must produce a new matching image that has been logically created from the original image.

Money creation – sustainability and manipulation security

At TREEEC, money creation happens in conjunction with real values and does not even eat up the immense amount of power required for the mining of Bitcoins. In addition, the energy for the Bitcoins is irrevocably consumed for something, which has no internal, but only a speculation value. Sustainability looks differently.

At TREEEC, money is not mined but centrally created, always based on value and according to fixed rules. Every single unit of TREEEC MONEY is unique and unforgeable. If someone at Bitcoin controls more than half of the computing power currently being used for mining, they can secretly write an alternative financial history and spend the same money more than once. TREEEC MONEY and even traditional payment systems are immune to such attacks.

By the way, did you know that Bitcoin’s four largest mining pools control more than half of its total computing power and sit in just one country? If someone gets access to only 4 controlling machines, he would be able to spend Bitcoins twice. If someone at TREEEC would bring all the computers of the TRUST HOUSES and additionally all computers of the DATA CITADELS under his control, in the final stage several thousand, he still could not generate any additional monetary units. Also, we know our users, even the biggest of whom could not obtain unrestricted monetary units illegally.

What about anonymity?

In contrast to our solution, the classic blockchain has no real anonymity but only pseudo anonymity. It is public, and everyone has an insight into everything. When I transfer money to someone, I give him insight into my finances. Would you show the financial history of your account or credit card to anyone, now and in the future? What may still be tolerable for some private individuals is deadly to business. All contractors, sales, customers, account amounts and every detail could be viewed. This cannot happen at TREEEC MONEY, because you are protected by our advanced Blockchain.

Now, if you say that criminals who want to launder money, trade in drugs or weapons, and do other dubious deals have opportunities to remain completely anonymous, that’s right. But these are not ordinary businesses with normal business partners and people with whom you have contact outside of the crypto world. If you belong to the group of dubious people who want to do business anonymously, we have bad news for you: that is not possible with TREEEC MONEY. Because we know the users, they are members of TREEEC and connected to each other.

Which group of users do you belong to?

In our experience, there are two groups of Bitcoin users: the enthusiasts who download the entire blockchain to their computer, even if it takes days, and ordinary users who do not care about their online wallets on other servers and how it works. We see the users of TREEEC MONEY among those who want to work quickly, effectively, and securely with TREEEC MONEY and use intelligent functions. Who are also aware of the problems that our world faces, and who want speculation-free money, a new and sustainable economy, and a better world. But even the enthusiasts should use TREEEC MONEY – and continue to operate Bitcoin as a hobby.

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