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T:BIZCOM – The Economic CommunityUsing the new money – creating real value and profiting together – realizing ideas and succeeding

TREEEC is much more than just new money. TREEEC is an alternative and simple as well as ingenious economic system. Beyond country and currency borders, companies of very different types and sizes are associated in a responsible, fair, and sustainable partnership and members of the co-operative based economic community T:BIZCOM.

TREEEC aims to become an ever-growing community of partners and member. Many small springs and streams will create a large river. TREEEC offers companies of all sizes the partnership as a Business Partner. They have a full range of benefits for financial consolidation, business expansion, and more profitable operations.

Equity capital received

Companies need a solid financial partner by their side to finance their growth and investments as well as their day-to-day operations or even individual businesses. Using the power of TREEEC, healthy and sustainable growth and the development of new markets are ensured.

T:INVEST, an independent section of the TREEEC financial system company and initially part of the co-operative, organises the substantial money creation through participation of companies of Business Partners and other real assets. T:INVEST implements TREEEC’s Investment Guidelines for Equity and Real Assets Financing. It is essential that substantial values are available and new ones are created.

Receiving orders, financing transactions

With the expanded function of a trading house, the independent area T:INTERTRADE is responsible for the practical settlement of trades on the basis of tangible assets. It also accompanies TREEEC’s own model of the Comitation Business. In addition, it coordinates order procurement and order placement and oversees valuation and procurement management.

More specifically, T:INTERTRADE has the following tasks: the activation, safeguarding, safekeeping, and storage of property; the organizational processing of compound transactions (derivative switch transactions, offsetting, and offsetting transactions); the production, merchandise and sales financing, the regional, national and international secure execution of transactions, in particular according to the Comitation Model developed by TREEEC, the procurement management, and availability management, as well as the valuation management.

Leunaer 7, 12681 Berlin, Germany

Tel.:+49 (0)30 34 046 – 100