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The bigger picture in viewTREEEC develops competences in many areas

TREEEC is an economic model and system designed to unite developed, emerging and developing economies on a single level, and to ensure trust-based collaboration and business on a level playing field.

Business Partners in industrialised countries can be expected to have access to the necessary infrastructure and be in organisational conditions, which generally facilitate business founding and development significantly. In remoter regions of industrialised countries, however, as well as in the emerging economies, and even more in the developing countries, special solutions are required. TREEEC therefore sets its own priorities for the development of such areas in which basic structures must be created to successfully build up business, considering regional interests and sustainable development.

TREEEC also brings hope to those who are disadvantaged in their regions and countries, who seek better opportunities in this world and who want to create something entrepreneurially; helping people to help themselves through fair partnership within a new economic system. For companies from better developed countries and regions, new markets are created and expanded on a fair and sustainable basis.

Solutions in all areas of competence

In conjunction with the business partners, TREEEC creates solutions in all areas of competence using its resources meaningfully, effectively, and sustainably. This not only creates new economic opportunities and more economic success for the business partners, but also (further) develops and strengthens the regions, thus improving people’s lives.

TREEEC focuses on the development of regional structures and integrated regional economies. The economic exchange of regions within a country is promoted as well as the connection and cooperation with regions in other countries. This takes place organisationally in connection with the areas of competence, which thus also represent areas of activity for business and economic development.

Complementary skills and long-term solutions

Economics and technology are by no means sufficient to solve all problems. Therefore, TREEEC also develops complementary skills to help directly and create long-term solutions. This does not only happen from a commercial point of view, as the areas of competence demonstrate, even though economic viability should be given.

At TREEEC we are convinced that education, medical care, disaster relief, or security, for example, are important tasks in ensuring the long-term success of our members and Business Partners as well as the successful development of the regions.

Aereas of Competence

In order to achieve the goals set and to be able to fulfil the tasks, TREEEC is organisationally divided into areas of competence. On the one hand, these are internal areas that are indispensable for the administrative organisation, development and management of TREEEC itself. On the other hand, there are the economic and business sectors in which TREEEC integrates the Business Partners and the projects as well as coordinating and supporting them.

If needed, and if it makes sense for more successful work, additional areas of competence are created and incorporated.

The internal Areas of Competence

  • ORG – Leadership and Organisation
  • COCOM – Commercial Coordination
  • XCHANGE – Finance and Clearing
  • LEX – Partnership and Legal
  • POLIS – Politics and Society

The external areas of competence

  • AQA – Water Supply
  • DIGITAL – IT and Digital Economy
  • DYN – Energy
  • ECONATURE – Ecology, Environment, and Conservation
  • EDUCARE – Education
  • FOOD – Agronomy, Food and Nutrition
  • INFO – Communication, Information, and Media
  • MEDICARE – Health
  • PANTERRE – Transport and Logistics
  • PRODUCE – Production and Processing
  • REALCON – Building and Construction Infrastructure
  • REGIONAS – Location and Regional Promotion
  • SERVICE – Other Services
  • TEC – Innovation and Technology
  • TOURISM – Tourism
  • TRADE – Trade
  • XPLOR – Raw Materials and Recyclables
  • YSAR – Security and Disaster Relief

Leunaer 7, 12681 Berlin, Germany

Tel.:+49 (0)30 34 046 – 100