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Our innovative lead projectsConnected to the construction of TREEEC

TREEEC develops on its own risk regional, national, and international innovative business projects of all sizes. This also involves the development of structures designed to accelerate and disseminate TREEEC, offering members and partners novel solutions and opportunities.

These lead projects are offered to Business Partners in whole or in part for cooperation, as a joint venture, or on a licensing basis. As far as they are not B2B projects, members are addressed as users from the beginning. As a result, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is closely linked to the services brought into being by the projects.

Projects from outside, which can be meaningfully assigned to one of the Areas of Competence or integrated directly into a lead project, are invited to cooperate with TREEEC. For TREEEC this will enhance and secure its capabilities and performance, and for project initiators, it will secure and speed up their projects’ success – and thus their own.

To finance these lead projects as well as projects that are brought in from outside and integrated, own ICOs will be carried out, which will be presented on our platform ICONATOR.ORG. In the process, project-related Tokens can be acquired in the form of dedicated TREEEC MONEY (TRM), which, with a connected Smart Contract, bring immediate benefits to the buyer and the participation in future earnings.

Current Lead Projects of TREEEC

TREEEC RES:QPersonal safety, health, protection, help and rescue

RES:Q raises awareness of the personal risk situation, informs and warns about risks and dangers, and offers protection and provision. If immediate assistance is needed, RES:Q coordinates solidary and professional support, help, and rescue. For better performance, innovative technical solutions are integrated. The users are members of TREEEC. They form an information community and in a further stage a solidarity community with mutual support at various levels of activity. Services are provided in conjunction with TREEEC MONEY (TRM) and related Smart Contracts.

TREEEC ARTSGenuine cultural enrichment for the economy

Just as business is an expression of the human industriousness and strive for material provision, the arts in all their forms are an expression of creativity and a cultural product that characterises man. As part of a holistic approach to mankind, its material as well as its aesthetical needs, TREEEC is involved with visual arts, music, literature, and the performing arts, and promotes and integrates them into the its growth. Facilities, event formats, and methods are being developed to make art accessible in any form as an inseparable part of life for members and to prevent restrictive interventions and manipulations.

TREEEC BizFactoryBusiness community and facility for new economy

In order to be able to build up and operate its business in the best possible way, young companies need the necessary facilities and a supportive environment. The BizFactory is built on a community of mutually supportive members that integrates the capabilities of TREEEC and TREEEC MONEY. In addition, facilities are being set up around the world in which young companies can take advantage of workplaces, technical infrastructure, and a broad range of services.

TREEEC KDABIntegrative multi-generation housing project

The abbreviation KDAB (in German: Kleines Dorf am Bach) stands for Little Village at the Brook and means a multiplicable village life form, in which in future people can live again bridging generations. In a KDAB it is possible to make a desired separation with regard to the individual living areas, but nevertheless be closely integrated into the family and village community. Solidary help and support among each other, including care for children, elderly people, and people fallen sick are just as intrinsic to the system as joint village design and preservation.

TREEEC PanTerreSpecialised global logistics and transport system

With PanTerre, remoter regions of large industrialised countries, infrastructure and traffic underserved areas in emerging countries, and hard-to-reach areas in developing countries are easier and better to be opened up through systematic, fast, and cost-effective freight and passenger transport. New organisational and technical solutions will be developed for this. TREEEC sees itself with PanTerre not as a competitor, but as a partner of established logistics and transport companies.

TREEEC LivingWorksIntegrative-modular production, research, education, living, and housing system

With the integration of production, research, education, and living in a clustered, systemic as well as organically oriented architecture, TREEEC creates a concept called LivingWorks. This involves conservation of resources, sustainability, a liveable environment for people, and opening to the outside world, as well as efficient and cost-effective production and uncomplicated adaptation to production needs. In emerging and developing countries, but also in less centralised areas of industrialised countries.

TREEEC XPLORSystem for new solutions for the extraction, recovery, and sustainable use of raw materials

XPLOR is engaged in the prospecting, exploration, exploitation, processing, and making available of raw materials, as well as resource recovery, substitution and sustainable use. What are the problems, including the protection of people from health hazards and the preservation of an intact environment? Which technical solutions are feasible and what do they look like? TREEEC will provide these questions with practical answers and solutions.

Further TREEEC lead projects are in preparation.
Meaningful projects from outside are invited to cooperate with TREEEC.

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