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T:XCHANGE – The own settlement platformFor payments, billing, smart contracts, equity investments, and personal information

With the viability of the T:XCHANGE platform, which is a requirement for using TREEEC MONEY (TRM), members and affiliates receive an account, the T: ACCOUNT, which covers all types of payments, transfers, transactions, and value-added services within the TREEEC community and to the outside.

No interest, fixed settlement fees, and free services

In accordance with the principle of operating a completely interest-free money and financial model, T:XCHANGE works with fixed settlement fees. Money transfers within the system as online transfers from T:ACCOUNT to T:ACCOUNT are completely free of costs, even from country to country. However, only well-founded and value-based transactions based on the real economy are carried out via T:XCHANGE. Financial speculation is not possible.

Large scope of services and high performance

This makes payment transactions and the conclusion of transactions and contracts between members and business partners easier, faster, and more successful. Over all borders and with fairness inside and out. But T:XCHANGE will become even more in a complementary area, an intelligent personal information platform, built on a principle developed by TREEEC under the name Q:MANGER. Some features are currently in the beta phase for media affiliated with TREEEC. In addition, TREA, an artificial intelligence assistant, will facilitate the use of T:XCHANGE.

Account management and payment transactions

The account management for TREEEC MONEY (TRM) and the transfers and payment transactions are made exclusively within the system. In addition, there is an interface to financial institutions outside, with which, and by which, the incoming and outgoing payments in FIAT money are handled. This also makes it possible to legally use traditional banking services through TREEEC, as long as that is still required.

TREEEC MONEY can be changed anytime in FIAT money

T:XCHANGE ensures that TREEEC MONEY (TRM) can be converted into traditional currencies at any time and that liquidity is available in FIAT money. Since the value of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) will be linked to the listing of certain TREEEC shares on the stock exchanges, the respective exchange rate is clearly defined. Until the beginning of the listing of shares (subsequently exchanged against the co-operative shares), the exchange rate is fixed.

Also, claims and liabilities of members and partners are settled with companies outside of TREEEC.

The conclusion and management of smart contracts

At TREEEC, smart contracts connected with units of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) play a key role. The conclusion of Smart Contracts must be easy and, so to speak, automatically to be done and afterwards easy to manage. T:XCHANGE offers the necessary tools for this. The frontend is designed in a way that no technical knowledge and no knowledge about the blockchain used by TREEEC are required, and that everything runs safely in the background. The user can concentrate on the real purpose.

In business transactions, especially in a Comitation Business, a very complex form of Smart Contracts is used. But we also use it in a simpler way for solutions and services made available to members and partners in other areas and projects. T:XCHANGE and the user-associated T:ACCOUNT is also used for this.

The trading and management platform for dedicated TRMs and company holdings

T: XCHANGE will also be used for dedicated TREEEC MONEY (TRM), which are units of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) that can be linked to projects via Smart Contracts, to manage and to trade them. So, anyone who buys dedicated TREEEC MONEY (TRM) through ICONATOR.ORG will get a slight overview of it and the income from it, as well as it is easy to buy and sell it. Similarly, this will be used for investments in companies of Business Partners. For that T:XCHANGE also has the function of a stock exchange with integrated portfolio management.

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