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The usability of TREEEC MONEY in any caseIf suddenly everything is gone, unavailable, or has never existed

TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is a crypto currency, that uses the possibilities of the Internet, modern electronic data transfer and data processing, and non-cash electronic payments, just like other currencies. But TREEEC MONEY (TRM) should also work if there is no online connection to the peer-to-peer network, or the Internet collapses for a short time or completely. In this case, too, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) works for its users cashless and by a security-optimized system.

What does the bank customer, even only in the case of a power failure over several days, if he cannot make cash withdrawals or cannot pay with his giro or credit card or mobile phone? Today ordinary citizens no longer have special cash reserves, in countries such as the US or China, with very high acceptance of cashless payment, even less than in other countries. Cashless payment has become standard. In addition, the banks are completely dependent on the functioning of computer systems in accounting. But what if suddenly everything is gone?

The only working currency in crisis and disaster

In major crises and disasters, when traditional currencies can become worthless, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is the only currency that remains valuable and usable. Users of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) have to neither engage in lossy barter, assuming there are enough exchangeable goods available, nor purchase overpriced black-market goods.

Already, there are countries in which the national currencies are practically worthless and foreign exchange is hardly available or not at all. There, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is indispensable anyway, and metropolitan areas usually have a ready access to the Internet. However, especially in such countries large areas are not connected to the Internet at all, or most of its residents cannot afford devices and an Internet connection via satellite. There TREEEC MONEY (TRM) still works, in the same way as it does in other countries during periods of crisis and disaster, power outages, or a collapse of Internet access.

Redundant solutions

In the organisational structure of TREEEC and the technical requirements of the settlement system, redundant solutions for maintaining transfer, billing, and payment options, and for use in non-developed or poorly developed areas play a particularly significant role. In fact, TREEEC has not only developed a value-based complementary currency, that retains its value and function in the case of the collapse of FIAT currencies, but which is also fully usable in the case of infrastructure collapse.

Every user of TREEEC becomes owner of a T:CARD. This is the multifunctional membership card and at the same time the card for account backup, money transfers, and payments. It stores the current account balance of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) units, every time the account is used online or at TREEEC representative offices. At the point-of-sale the T:CARD can be used for payments. It can also be used directly for offline transfers and payments. For the payee and the payer, a T:PHONE, the modular mobile phone by TREEEC, or a special adapter for a common smartphone – In the simplest version for a common mobile phone – is required.

In the representative offices of TREEEC, money transfers and payments are made with the help of the T:BOX. The T:BOX is a device through which online and offline money transfers can be secured. It transfers funds from one T:CARD to another and registers and documents the transaction.

In an existing online connection to the peer-to-peer network, which happens in remote areas and in emergencies and crises via satellite, there is a simultaneous synchronisation of the accounts. If this is not possible because the satellite also fails, the data is read out, checked, and documented once a day by a mobile recording unit of the superregional TREEEC TRUST HOUSE.

The TRUST HOUSES are the facilities within TREEEC, which also form the basic structure as registration offices in the peer-to-peer network and are the contact points for clearing and money transfers. Organisationally, they are part of the national system companies, but they are directly subordinate to the TREEEC system company as a control and revision body, which is responsible for the T:XCHANGE platform. Here, too, safety plays a key role.

Security for payments and transfers

With an intact infrastructure and existing Internet, payments are made at point-of-sale (POS) with the T:CARD via a T:BOX, a T:PHONE, or a smartphone adapter respectively. For this the user is identified biometrically and must enter a five-digit PIN.

Online payment via computer and mobile device is done by logging in with an account number and a five-digit PIN. To initiate transfers, the user must uniquely identify himself using the method of TREEEC and enter a TAN transmitted to his phone. The user identification is a development feature of TREEEC.

Online payment via computer or mobile device is done by the user logging into his account and entering a TAN, that has been transmitted to his phone. For this the user is identified biometrically by his phone and must enter his account number and a five-digit PIN.

Secure availability in offline mode

The secure availability of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is also guaranteed in offline mode. Offline payments and transfers require the T:CARD, TREEEC identification, and the entry of a five-digit PIN. With the help of the T:BOX and the transfer from smartphone to smartphone encrypted data is read out on the T:CARD, which is decoded by the receiver, in the case of the T:BOX or the T:PHONE or the adapter to the smartphone. As a result, the unique identification of the card user is guaranteed, and the PIN is verifiable. In case of doubt, this can additionally be verified by the nearest available TRUST HOUSE – even in the absence or failure of the Internet. The exact function of the security and identification system is a business secret.

TREEEC intends to rapidly create structures to get the system up and running and be prepared for crises and disasters around the world. TREEEC is then prepared for the collapse of FIAT currencies, as well as for crises and disasters with geographically limited or global impact. However, only those who are members and partners of TREEEC will benefit.

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