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TREEEC MONEY is real sovereign moneyCreation of money only in connection with real values

Each unit of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is covered by a co-operative share, which will later be replaced by a share of the TREEEC financial system company, both of which are connected to the same real values. In contrast to FIAT money TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is a so-called sovereign money. This means that TREEEC MONEY (TRM) booked through T:XCHANGE will remain the property of the member similar to a securities account.

Many mistakenly believe that this is also the case with traditional currencies, the FIAT money. In fact, the money in a checking account is only a claim on the bank.

When a bank wants to loan out 100,000 US-Dollar or Euro to a customer, with a minimum reserve ratio of, for example, 1 per cent, the bank needs to deposit only 1,000 US-Dollar or Euro of customer money in their own account with the Central Bank to restock their reserve balance, and then just provide him with a corresponding balance in his current account. 1,000 have become 100,000. There has been a money creation without any real value. Due to the customer’s lending rates this unsubstantial amount expands even further.

If this money creation cannot be done, because the money belongs to the client and not to the bank, only money from by the central bank will be in circulation. The banks would then only be intermediaries, who manage deposits and can lend in the same amount. Then they would any longer be able to create financial bubbles so easily.

At TREEEC, money creation takes place through the issue of co-operative shares (and later shares of the TREEEC financial system company). However, these may only be issued, if the corresponding substantial values are acquired, be it by purchase or creation. A credit crunch cannot occur through this process. The amount of money in circulation is not limited and always corresponds to the number of shares issued and their associated real values.

Since there are no interest rates in the TREEEC monetary system, this cannot lead to any unsubstantial inflation of the money supply. While in former times the gold standard and the gold coverage of the currency have been the measure of all things, TREEEC will be the example of future times.

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