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Value and function of TREEEC MONEYSimple and stable money for everyone – real value secured and crisis-proof – counterfeit-proof and always available

TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is not just an alternative cryptocurrency, but a universal, complementary money system based on value, sustainability, responsibility, and fairness. Without interest and speculation.

Every unit of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) supplied to the money cycle is covered by a co-operative share of TREEEC. These co-operative shares, and thus TREEEC MONEY (TRM), relate to real values in the form of investments in sustainable companies, and real assets. TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is much safer and more meaningful than any outdated FIAT money and any of the unsubstantial, alternative currencies, and crypto currencies.

When the basic structures are build, a foundation, a financial system company, and the cooperative will form the core of the system and ensure the functioning of TREEEC MONEY (TRM). The value of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) inwards remains constant, to the outside it will be reflected in official stock market prices of TREEEC shares. With the ever-worthless FIAT money and the growing success of TREEEC, the listing of shares will rise accordingly. However, mechanisms are installed to prevent TREEEC MONEY (TRM) from becoming pure speculative money.

In this phase TREEEC MONEY (TRM) will start in connection with dedicated co-operative shares of TREEEC eG. In the co-operative the users of the new money are united as members. The cooperative shares will later be converted into shares of the TREEEC financial system company.

TREEEC MONEY has the abbreviation TRM.
Each unit TRM consists of 1,000 milliTRM (mTRM).

Leunaer 7, 12681 Berlin, Germany

Tel.:+49 (0)30 34 046 – 100