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My profit with TREEEC MONEY

TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is not a currency to speculate and gamble with. Players are better off with Bitcoin & Co and FIAT money. On the contrary, that does not mean that you cannot make solid and convincing profits with it.

There is no interest and no loss of value at TREEEC as with FIAT money. In ten years you will get the same value of services and products as today. FIAT money will have devalued by then by inflation alone. Of course, by exchanging TRM into FIAT money, you will get more FIAT money out of it.

If you buy TREEEC MONEY as a member, this is not an investment in and of itself, but the purchase of a credit in connection with co-operative shares and real values. Also, it opens the door to many possibilities.

Always available and secure

First of all, TREEEC MONEY (TRM) provides security because it gives you money you can pay with in any case, even though it is crypto money, be it in the collapse of the financial system or in crises and disasters. A credit of TRM is an important emergency reserve.

A crypto currency that is actually in use

Then you can use it for payments within the growing community of TREEEC. The services and products of TREEEC and its partners are to a large extent unique and can only be used by members. Using TRM pays off.

Opportunities for every interest

Finally, there is the opportunity to invest in interesting projects, companies, and individual businesses with TREEEC MONEY. You have a free choice, depending on the type of risk and your personal preferences. TREEEC checks everything beforehand and accompanies it with advice and help.

Participate and invest with TREEEC MONEY

If you want to multiply TREEEC MONEY, you must use it. TREEEC offers a lot of options in different risk categories to you. As a member you can see what is offered and decide as you like.

You can invest in one of the lead projects, a project company, or a business partner company. At TREEEC there are also collective projects you can get involved with. But it can also be individual businesses that are financed with equity capital.

The investment always has the form of equity financing and takes place on behalf of TREEEC. So, your partner is TREEEC, who signs the contracts, accompanies and supervises the participation, and settles all accounts.

Such equity financing follows the business principle of TREEEC, except for individual transactions, always to participate indefinitely. When T:XCHANGE goes into operation at the end of the year and TREEEC MONEY becomes operational, there will also be an area in which you can sell your participations to other members at any time.

You can wait. Or you can be there from the beginning. You decide for yourself about your safety, your possibilities, your profit, and your future. By the way, we recommend holding 50% of TREEEC MONEY as a credit and investing 50% profitably.

Examples of investment opportunities(Just for members)

Lead projects of TREEEC such as TREEEC ARTS, RES:Q, or BizFactory or audited projects from outside that affiliate with TREEEC.

Project companies within the lead projects dealing with individual parts of the business, as well as companies of business partners which use equity financing.

Events and merchandise transactions that receive liquidity for the implementation through equity financing. TREEEC always has a coordinating function and supervises the settlement.

Collective projects that bring together several similar companies with equity financing. The member can decide on its own whether to participate and to what extent, or to follow the recommendation of TREEEC.

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