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The Circle of InitiatorsCoordination, advice, help, and practical support

The members of the Circle of Initiators in its entirety co-ordinate TREEEC WORLD PROJECT and determine the direction. The circle includes the initial founders and, in addition to members of the TREEEC organization, other experienced persons. Tai Kriegeskotte is Chairman and Johan Obdola Deputy Chairman of the Circle.

Some of the members belong to the panel for a certain period, each of them being re-electable for a term of three years. As a term of office has recently expired, new elections will take place in August 2018.

Tai Kriegeskotte

The idea giver, innovator and visionary thinker of TREEEC

On one hand Tai is a journalist, as well in the investigative field fighting corruption and economic crime, and on the other an experienced advisor in international business affairs and special cases. Tai declared, that Capitalism has to be replaced by the value based Valorism. Not only filling this term with content he also gave the starting signal for practical realisation by TREEEC WORLD PROJECT. Tai had his ups and downs and learnt from it, never to give up und that sometimes a Bad Boy is needed to bring things further. He is still the turbo for TREEEC.

Johan Obdola

The expert in global security topics and co-initiator of TREEEC

Johan is one of the top global experts on Counter Narco-Terrorism. He is a recognized international speaker in global security topics. Johan is advisor to several nations on counter terrorism, counter narcotics and countering transnational crime. He is also President of IOSI, a Global Organization for Security and Intelligence based in Canada, member of the advisory board of the Global Diplomatic Forum in London / UK; member of the board of Autism Trust Foundation in Dubai / UAE, and of defense and security organizations around the world. Johan is connected with TREEEC from the beginning.


Daniel Buth

The entrepreneur on the pulse ot time and CEO of the TREEEC co-operative

Daniel is member of the board (CEO) of the co-operative and although he is one of the youngest in the team, he impresses with his entrepreneurial vision and his profound general knowledge. He also coordinates IT development at TREEEC and provides impetus with his software and programming skills, observes the trends on the Internet, and aims for a university degree in history and philosophy, too. Daniel belongs to the generation and the people who will determine our future and achieve the big.

Jörg-Rüdiger Fischbeck

The experienced tax professional and designated member of the executive board

Jörg is a graduate in business administration and has worked in several large tax firms in the past until he started his own business. He brings with him profound knowledge and extensive experience in accounting and tax law, which he passes on as a lecturer. As a foundation trustee, he is well versed in this area, as he has a lot of practical experience in co-operatives as an examiner of a cooperative association. Jörg is a person who thinks and acts in a problem-solving way and who is a valued advisor.

Torsten Mark

The head of the organisational development and level-headed helmsman

Torsten is responsible for operational matters and the development of the organisational structure. He spent more than 25 years in the financial services and co-operative sector before joining TREEEC. As founder and board member of several cooperatives, he gained a lot of entrepreneurial experience, which he also passes on to other cooperatives and companies as a consultant. Torsten also works closely with Tai and regularly accompanies him to important talks and negotiations around the world.

Miranda Rambau-Reijntjes

The communicative head of the member area, women’s represen­tative and ombudswoman

Miranda is characterized by her communication skills and her constructive way of approaching her tasks. As a former member of the Dutch armed forces, she has learned not to give up so easily. She has convinced as a member of Tai’s research team uncovering corruption and crime. As a businesswoman she is successful and appreciated by clients. Within TREEEC, she campaigns for women and the disadvantaged and, as an Ombudswoman, she fights internationally against arbitrariness of authorities.

Niklas Radzey

The expert in communication and marketing and specialist in anti-counterfeiting security

Niklas is a studied expert in communication and marketing. As a writer he has already published a number of books. He is also a specialist in anti-counterfeiting security with his own patents and an advisor in strengths and weaknesses analysis in the security sector (counterfeit security). As one of the heads of the TREEEC-affiliated ALPHANIS Institute for Counterfeiting Security in Freiburg / Breisgau, he is not only significantly involved in the security of TREEEC’s developments but also in one of our flagship projects.

Christoph Merten

The experienced journalist with international background and press officer of TREEEC

Christoph, born in Germany and grown up in London, studied ethnology and sociology and also completed a diploma in advertising (BAW). He was responsible for press and public relations of international organizations in the areas of business, trade and finance, was a publisher, and has many years of experience, including as editor-in-chief, for print magazines, national daily / weekly newspapers and online magazines. He is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the media of TREEEC-affiliated DIPLOMATIC Media and our press spokesman.

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